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Shirish Chitte
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CXO across Executive, Technology, Marketing & Delivery functions

Founded 2015
Products and services
1-5 employees
Delivery Management
Digital Marketing
Project Management
Program Management
Technology Marketing
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Mumbai / Thane
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0 - 4 years

A Company of Good People.. based on the premise when the intent is right, we can always work the way around. Lemion wants to establish itself as a company where you work for the love of it, you care & respect every stakeholder, and no job is big or small, that we are a completely flat organization with P2P Agile work environment. Here every individual is able to chart out his own area of expertise and works collectively towards the larger goal that is Success of every Individual & Lemion.

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Job poster profile picture - Shirish Chitte
Shirish Chitte
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Job poster profile picture - Shirish Chitte
Shirish Chitte
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