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UX Designer

Founded 2015
Products and services
6-50 employees
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Interaction Design
User Experience (UX) Design
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0 - 4 years
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2 - 6 lacs/annum

About InterviewBit InterviewBit is an interview preparation site which is immensely popular amongst software engineers ( https://www.quora.com/Reviews-of-InterviewBit, https://www.interviewbit.com/testimonials/ ). It has hundreds of thousands of elite software engineers across the globe ( Asia, US and Europe ). The current team is made of ex-Facebook, Fab and Twitter employees. What we are looking for We are looking for User Experience design intern with inclination towards designing User Interfaces (pre final year or final year) to work on our gamified online learning platform. In this role, you’ll craft beautiful, compelling, delightful experiences. You’ll work to extend and strengthen the visual language of our products. A designer whose work is clean, modern, focused, and inspiring to others. You have experience working on mobile, desktop, or web apps, demonstrable graphic design talent, and have an interest in motion design and data visualisation. You’re passionate about design, coherency of visual language, and crafting beautiful experiences. Whats in it for you Solve : As gamified learning platform, we face some unique design challenges. Come and solve it first hand. Network : We work with most tech VPs and CEOs of startups in India, Europe and Singapore. Have Fun : Paid meals, free food and snacks, 24x7. Competitive stipend. Regular cricket, Table Tennis and Foosball.

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Job poster profile picture - Abhimanyu Saxena
Abhimanyu Saxena
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Abhimanyu Saxena
Abhimanyu Saxena
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Abhimanyu Saxena
Co Founder at InterviewBit.com

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