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Healyos Careers
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Jobs at Healyos

Customer Service Lead

Founded 2015
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Best in industry2 - 4 lacs/annum

HealYos is an exciting young health and wellness start-up headquartered in Pune. Founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs with proven success in the digital and health space and backed by Sancheti, India’s premier orthopedic hospital, HealYos is poised to alter the healthcare service landscape. After conquering the Pune market, over the course of the next year Healyos intends to expand to Delhi and Mumbai. We are growing quickly and are looking for a young, energetic, entrepreneurial professional to head our Pune Operations. The Job Description is as follows: 1) Making Inbound & Outbound calls to potential customers and answering queries about our services 2)Collecting &Preparing reports for Management. 3)Collecting Customer Feedback About our Services. 4)Converting enquiries into appointments for our service providers. The Ideal Candidate : 1. Has 1-4 years of experience managing a team. 2. Has strong analytical skills and excellent skills with MS Office/Excel. 3. Can wear multiple hats, is open to learning and is comfortable with the rough and tumble of a start-up environment.

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Salil Bhargava picture
Salil Bhargava
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Salil Bhargava
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Dipali Ugile
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Salil Bhargava
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