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Galaxia Solutions Private Limited Careers
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Jobs at Galaxia Solutions Private Limited

Java/Python Big Data Experienced Developer (3-8 Years)
Java/Python Big Data Experienced Developer (3-8 Years)

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JOB RESPONSIBILITIES - Architecture, design and development of reusable server components for web & mobile applications - Work with engineering team in the development of new features and applications. - Rapid prototyping of applications based on requirements - Maintain and optimize new and existing code with an emphasis on quality and re-usability - Key contributor for in technical design and architecture processes - Provide technical guidance and solutions to technical problems that may arise - Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders - Production application management, including Dev-ops, support and troubleshooting - Perform peer code review REQUIRED BEHAVIORAL SKILLS - Commitment to work and deliver under pressure - Team player - Enthusiasm for solving challenging problems and good analytical skills REQUIRED TECHNICAL SKILLS - Strong computer science fundamentals. - Extensive experience as a backend developer in Java/Python. Experience in both languages is a plus. - Must have hands on experience in design, implementation, and build of applications or solutions using Core Java/Python. - Must know how to scale application through AWS, IBM SoftLayer (or similar platforms). - Knowledge and experience in programming NOSQL databases like OrientDB, MongoDB, Titan, Cassandra, etc. - Experience with Bigdata tools like Spark, Storm, flume, etc, Query tools like SQL, Hive, Pig. - Web Framework (Django, Spring, etc.). - Background in all aspects of software engineering with strong skills in parallel data processing, data flows, REST APIs, JSON, XML, and micro service architecture). - Strong understanding and hands-on experience in Unix/Linux shell. DESIRED TECHNICAL SKILLS - Experience in Machine Learning Models, Data mining algorithms, probabilistic algorithms. - HTML, CSS and Javascript - Experience working with agile management tool (e.g., JIRA). - Experience with AWS or IBM SoftLayer/Bluemix. - UI/UX development experience - Experience working with asset management and broker dealer institutions ABOUT GALAXIA SOLUTIONS (www.galaxiasol.com) Galaxia Solutions is a privately held company that provides business, technology, and data solutions to the world’s leading asset managers, hedge funds, Third Party Administrator (TPA), prime brokers, and broker-dealers and provide them with investment operations and technology improvement services that enhance their overall business performance. Our solutions are targeted to achieve better controls, gain process efficiencies, and deploy holistic technology and data solutions that reflects end to end perspective, thereby helping firms manage risk and reduce cost. CONTACT.: Email us your resume at recruit@galaxiasol.com

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Mihir Shah picture
Mihir Shah
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Mihir Shah picture
Mihir Shah
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People hiring at Galaxia Solutions Private Limited

Mihir Shah
Hiring at Galaxia Solutions Private Limited

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