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"Backend Developer"

Founded 2015
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Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai
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3 - 8 years
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11 - 16 lacs/annum

"Experience: 4 to 8 years \nEducation: BE/ B Tech from a Top Tier Engineering School\n\nSkills: \nExpertise in application development, databases, version control, and deployment \nSolid grasp of Service-oriented architecture \nSolid understanding of scaling mobile app services \nExtremely strong analytical skills\n\nCulture: \nAbility to work independently with minimal supervision \nHappy to deal with, and contribute to, an environment of daily builds \nHas worked in small teams, is versatile\n\nDesirable Social Attributes: \nHas contributed to one or more Open Source projects through own initiative \nHas provided a high quality answer to a question posted on StackOverflow\n\nRole: \nAs a Software Developer who would work independently, the candidate is expected actively acquire problems and deliver solutions as well as guide the team technically. Such a problem solver would obviously be a self starter with a high level of curiosity rather than a programming language specialist. \nHe/she would be required to produce software of the highest quality through self-discipline, clear and engaged communication, and attention to detail. The role would include custom web application development on (most typically on PHP/Python/Ruby), Angular, Android, databases (most typically MySql and MongoDb), version control (github), testing (necessarily through test scripts written before code is written), daily builds and eventual deployment. \n\nAttributes of the ideal candidate: \nHighly productive software developer with the proven aptitude to understand and apply technology \nDetermination to succeed despite obstacles and challenges, and a positive attitude favoring achievement of goals over open-ended investigation \nAlways learning, evolving, and sharing what you know \nInspired by complex, varied problems and rapid change \nOpen-minded, flexible, and curious about new and better ideas"

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Sandeep Vadnere picture
Sandeep Vadnere
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Sandeep Vadnere
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People hiring at Eurekamakers Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

Anindo Samajpati
Founder, Eurekamakers and Consumer Industry Expert
Sandeep Vadnere
Hiring at Eurekamakers Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

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