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Mastercard Careers
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Jobs at Mastercard

Artificial Intelligence Architect
Artificial Intelligence Architect

Founded 1966
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NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
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3 - 7 years
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Artificial Intelligence Architect (Leader Level – 3-7yrs) Who is Mastercard? We are the global technology company behind the world’s fastest payments processing network. We are a vehicle for commerce, a connection to financial systems for the previously excluded, a technology innovation lab, and the home of Priceless®. We ensure every employee has the opportunity to be a part of something bigger and to change lives. We believe as our company grows, so should you. We believe in connecting everyone to endless, priceless possibilities. Overview Services and Data is helping to shape the future of data insights by leveraging billions of anonymized, aggregated transactions in a 10 petabyte date warehouse to help financial institutions, merchants, media, and governments manage their businesses more effectively. Advanced Analytics is charged with servicing clients by centralizing and optimizing the world class analytical, modeling, software coding, data sourcing, product development, product management, econometrics, and associated delivery capabilities of the MasterCard Advisors organization. It focuses on creating innovative technology solutions which leverage technology in the data science, artificial intelligence and analytics arenas; on enabling the field with industrialized, repeatable products; and on researching and incubating emerging technology to determine how they might apply to our customers and facilitate positive outcomes. • Are you motivated by developing new Analytical skills, leading to insights into issues and developing recommendations that add real value to clients? • Have you managed the client independently and effectively? • Do you want to play a key role in driving a world beyond cash? Role 1. Leading the formulation of artificial intelligence and machine learning solution objectives. Working on technical requirements based on user need. 2. Responsible for creating the framework of solutions that take data intensive and complex business challenges and provide easily consumed and automated outcomes 3. Using unique visualization techniques, condenses large volumes of complex ideas into elegant and simple visual models 4. Determine opportunities to exploit new data sources or leverage new outcomes from existing data sources, by applying new models and algorithms to create business value 5. Influences a client's strategic decisions by using deep industry expertise and deploying innovative Deep Learning analytics solutions in the operational systems Leadership Skills 1. Works closely with clients/internal stakeholders to understand their business needs and design a technical solution 2. Proving viability of the solution through mechanisms like proof-of-concepts 3. Thought Leadership in AI – Developing compelling audience-specific messages and tools. Capture and share best practices and insights internally and with partners and customers. 4. Self-driven, energetic, creative with ability to work in global teams. Excellent communication skills and a wide knowledge base, to convince the Stakeholders on application of AI/ML 5. Provide technical leadership to the team members in relevant topics on AI/ML 6. Adaptable - Takes in stride and constantly attunes to the changing needs of a highly dynamic business 7. Curious - our key contributors are always seeking to grow their knowledge, to gain new perspectives, and to find better ways forward by researching and showcasing latest AI tools, techniques and applications 8. Tenacious - self-starters who will take ownership of projects and bring them to completion despite difficulties or setbacks Functional and Technical Skills 1. Experience in building and implementing AI application in any of the 2 domains - Fraud, risk, marketing, finance, operations for Banks, Fintech, Ecommerce, merchants or retailers 2. Has a deep understanding of business value industry requirements and advanced analytic models (statistical, operations research, computing process) 3. Responsible for building applications using artificial intelligence/machine learning technology, applying latest industrial and academic developments, prefer Kaggle hackathon participant 4. Expertise in deep learning frameworks for Production Systems like Tensorflow, Keras (for RPD and neural net architecture evaluation), PyTorch and Xgboost, Caffe, Theono 5. Proficient in Deep Learning algorithm techniques like Random Forest, GBM, KNN, SVM, Bayesian, Text Mining techniques, Multilayer Perceptron, Neural Networks – Feedforward, CNN, LSTM’s GRU’s. Optimization techniques – Activity regularization (L1 and L2), Adam, Adagrad, Adadelta concepts; Cost Functions in Neural Nets – Contrastive Loss, Hinge Loss, Binary Cross entropy, Categorical Cross entropy; developed applications in KRR, NLP, Speech and Image processing 6. Expertise in classical Machine Learning algorithms like Logistic Regression, Decision trees, Clustering (K-means, Hierarchical and Self-organizing Maps), TSNE, PCA, Bayesian models, Time Series ARIMA/ARMA, Recommender Systems - Collaborative Filtering, FPMC, FISM, Fossil etc 7. Extensive experience in statistical tools and programming environments like Python, R, SAS, SQL 8. Experience with BIG DATA platforms - Hadoop, Hive, Spark, GPU Clusters for deep learning 9. Consulting and Project Management Experience preferred 10. Minimum Graduate degree in Mathematics/Computer Science/Engineering

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Arpita Bhakhry picture
Arpita Bhakhry
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Arpita Bhakhry picture
Arpita Bhakhry
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Arpita Bhakhry
Hiring at C-SAM -- A MasterCard Company

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