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"General Manager"

Founded 2005
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3 - 7 years
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4 - 10 lacs/annum

"Healing in the Himalayas.\n\nAn iconic Ayurveda healthcare destination integrating a world class therapeutic care facility with award winning stay facilities, set in the pristine Kumaon Himalayas requires a General Manager to take charge of overall business operations. Customer focused, process driven, and proven track record in managing teams successfully in high performance driven organisations. A perfect option for those who would like a professionally fulfilling career set in one of the most inspiringly scenic places on earth- the Himalayas."

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Rajiv Vasudevan picture
Rajiv Vasudevan
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Rajiv Vasudevan
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People hiring at AyurVAID Hospitals (Pioneering Precision Ayurveda)

Rajiv Vasudevan
Founder, AyurVAID Hospitals (Pioneering Precision Ayurveda)

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