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Anomaly Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Careers
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Jobs at Anomaly Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Fullstack Developer

Founded 2011
Products and services{{j_company_types[3 - 1]}}
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Remote, Pune
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1 - 3 years
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Best in industry2 - 6 lacs/annum

Job Description - Skills Required : Angular, NodeJs, Mongo DB, React, Android SDK, Mean Stack - Experience in designing and building advanced applications for the Android platform. - Hands-on experience in mobile development is a must and deep familiarity with Java, Android framework, Android guidelines and XML. - Strong object-oriented programming skills. Good understanding of common design patterns and principles. - Communication & interaction with Project Lead/Manager to understand the requirement. - Follow coding best practices & guidelines and with proper documentations. - Ensure delivery within given time frame while maintaining quality. - Delivering a robust code that has a broad business impact. - Stay up to date with current tech and bring relevant ideas to the table - Familiar with building an application from the ground up as well as all the business / non -technical challenges that accompany the product.

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Mukesh Agrawal picture
Mukesh Agrawal
Job posted by
Mukesh Agrawal picture
Mukesh Agrawal
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People hiring at Anomaly Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mukesh Agrawal
Hiring at Anomaly Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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