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Customer Success Manager

via Airbnb
Founded 2008
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NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
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10 - 16 years
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15 - 40 lacs/annum

What you’ll do Introduce new OMs to Airbnb culture, coaching and leadership standards • Metrics Accountability o Manage and utilize metrics to drive positive change in areas such as Service Level Agreements, Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, Quality, NPS and Contact Rate. o Work with direct reports to find learnings from real life situations to set and improve metric-based goals; consistently drive teams towards higher performance and quality expectations. o Monitor costs and losses incurred by managing team’s contribution to the greater Customer Experience budget. • Employee Happiness o Ensure employee happiness by working with Leads to create strong connections with the whole team and utilize effective communication to help translate the Mission of Airbnb into meaningful and clear goals. • Strategy & Planning o Support direct reports as they implement new directives. o Use learnings from team members to identify opportunities and advocate for product improvements that support the team’s strategy and the needs of the customer. o Keep an active look out for risks, potential gains and issues to anticipate advancements and opportunities to advance the team’s goals. What you need to succeed • Develop Leaders: Teach direct reports to become “Ultimate Hosts” as leaders for their own direct reports and model similar behavior as leaders Leads. • Inspiring Teams: Champion Airbnb’s Mission to help teams understand how their work contributes to end goals. Work with direct reports to create team cohesion and fulfillment. • Strategic Thinking and Analytical Skills: Ability to look at each problem or data set from many different angles to find innovative and simple solutions. • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Ability to take what is available and build a fort with it; it’s not a problem, it’s a challenge. • Communication/Interpersonal Skills: Embrace the adventure with Peers, Partners, and teams and use superior communication skills to cultivate professional relationships with Key Partners. Use innovative channels of communication to keep teams up-to-date with day-to-day changes in expectations and goals that are relevant to their roles. Other Requirements • Able to travel to other offices nationally and internationally on occasion • Open for 24/7 working environment.

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Manoj Thakur
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Manoj Thakur
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People hiring at Airbnb

Sachin S
Regional Supply Head at Airbnb (I'm Hiring City Leads)
Anshul Khurana
Hiring at Airbnb
Manoj Thakur
Hiring at Airbnb

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