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Machine Learning Engineer

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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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0 - 2 years
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4 - 5 lacs/annum

Job Description: If you have good programming skills, and want to solve complex real world problems using artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision while learning these on the job, READ ON. Run by IIT Kanpur alumni, AIMonk is a computer vision startup in stealth mode. We are building a uniquitous platform for computer vision using Artificial intelligence. We are looking for an entry level(0-2 years of professional experience) programmer with deep interest in software engineering. This is a machine learning engineer position but there is no machine learning experience required. What we are looking for is sharp and curious brain who gets his/her high via solving problems. Willing to work in an early stage start-up, humility and is another skill-set required. College, pedigree doesn't matter but it is a good indicator of your skill-level. People who went to NIT, BITS are encouraged to apply. However, there is a programming challenge below. If you have the skills to solve that, it doesn't matter where you went to the college or what degree do you have. Be careful, if you work with us once, ordinary jobs will not interest you any more as they won't be challenging enough. Good thing, you will learn more than what you need to land those top 0.01% interesting jobs. Job Perks: Opportunity to work with the smartest people in the country on Artificial Intelligence and computer vision. Learning, tons of it. Autonomy, respect and freedom to set your own work-hours, opportunity to fail and learn. And of course! free beer and pizza once in a while. Problem statement: https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/aimonk/SDE1-problem+statement.pdf

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Ankit Sachan
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Ankit Sachan
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Ankit Sachan
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