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Sumantra Mukherjee
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Tech Co Founder/CTO

Founded 2017
Products and services
1-5 employees
Machine Learning
enterprise software development
Software Development
Software Testing (QA)
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
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3 - 7 years

Opportunity to build a product ground up. Solving for one of the first use cases where we can do a successful business deployment of NLP techniques and Machine Learning. More when we speak! Indicative salary post funding. Currently bootstrapped to build a demo POC. Significant Equity on offer. Keen to connect with folks with an entrepreneurial bend and not pseudo entrepreneurs looking for the cushion of a fat salary from the get go.

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Job poster profile picture - Sumantra Mukherjee
Sumantra Mukherjee
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Sumantra Mukherjee
Sumantra Mukherjee
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