SocialHelpouts is now CutShort!

Yes, that’s true. After a year of experimentation and learning, we are changing our name to “CutShort”.

Why? SocialHelpouts was a great name, but only when we had explained it to someone for a good 10 minutes. When an average attention span is less than 10 seconds, asking for 10 minutes online is like asking for someone’s life.

“CutShort” is short, sweet and just explains our mission well. After all, we want to cut short your long winding path to the right jobs or candidates. Really short.

It took us about 10 days to rebrand our system. And it will give us an extra 10 minutes in our conversation with users. Not a bad bargain.

What should we use those extra 10 minutes for? How do you find CutShort? Eager to hear your thoughts!




2 thoughts on “SocialHelpouts is now CutShort!

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