Job search of future

What difference do we want to make in the life of our users?

We at CutShort keep asking this question every day. Whether we are defining our product roadmap or even writing a small social media post, answering this question help us in taking the right decision.

And after removing all the jargon and terms, we have defined one of our main goals – to simplify how modern professionals find the jobs they deserve.

I know what are you thinking. Isn’t this something job portals like Indeed, Monster, Naukri, iimjobs, HasJob, etc. are supposed to accomplish?

Yes. And they did okay until recently. But in last 5 years or so, these portals grew so fast that they became more noisy and unpredictable, thus losing their effectiveness.

The problem with today’s job portals

But ineffectiveness aside, the main problem for job portals is that modern professionals don’t prefer using them anymore.

Hardly a surprise since many of these portals have morphed into mere “databases” where anyone can pay to download tons of resumes and spam the users. They started treating users as “products” whose details could be sold and who could be spammed with irrelevant jobs to increase the number of applications received by the paying recruiters. The fact that these users were mature professionals who didn’t always just want a job that pays more, but also gives them good quality work and long term fulfillment sort of got lost in between.

CutShort’s glossary for job search

CutShort aims to disrupt this conventional model of job portals by bringing back the focus on people. It uses the best technology and design to simplify their professional life.

The results are looking positive. Hundreds of users who talk to us everyday share how their experience on CutShort is better than other places. They often mention a few words/phrases that we are in the process of redefining.

So here it is. Our glossary of job search for the future and what we mean by these terms.



Applying for jobs is not just sending your resume to anyone. Who do you contact and how – is what decides your outcome. Contacting someone who is not an employee OR someone who is otherwise disconnnected from the hiring team reduces your chances.

As starting point, CutShort verifies each person who is hiring (fact: we reject around 35% of employers who apply) and also makes it easy for one to check their social profiles, work histories and so on.

But what is truly unique about CutShort is that many of the jobs are added by the actual hiring managers (developers, founders, product managers, deparment heads, etc) who are hiring for their teams. An example is Hardik Jagda who directly connects with talented folks to hire at his frontend engineering team at For developers it is a great experience chatting with a fellow developer directly.


Being an unconventional team that puts more focus on calibre than degrees or brands names, this one is pretty close to our heart.


Have you seen jobs that invite applications only from the alumni of top tier institutes such as IITs and IIMs?

We all have and they are unfortunate. Not because the companies are wrong. We have talked to many of these companies and they all have told us one thing – they actually don’t mind looking at talented folks from other institutes but don’t have choice since there is no practical way of identifying them.

But how does a company identify a talented professional amidst thousands of other similar looking candidates?

This is where CutShort comes in. For techies, we offer practical, inbuilt tests that top companies use like a “common screening test”. For non techies we have experimented with case studies and also by seamlessly identifying talent by looking at their natural contributions on platforms such as GitHub , Behance and StackOverflow.



Okay, let me admit –  “speed of light” is a bit of an exaggeration. 🙂

But when compared to the slow process on other platforms, CutShort’s fast moving process does look like a big upgrade. Our match making technology, gamification engine & more mature community are the main factors behind this.

This is an ongoing effort. We plan to soon introduce interview scheduling features via Voila, your professional assistant. Stay tuned!



This is quite the essence of Cut…Short.

Starting job search has been a cumbersome process. Since you only had few shots, you had to make sure your resume has all the possible keywords and you practiced for interviews since companies would do a massive evaluation from scratch. I know a friend who had 10 year managerial experience but was asked basic puzzles just because company didn’t know enough about him already.

CutShort has a direct and informal approach – we believe you are who you are. If you have done interesting work and have been matched by our system, you are already ahead in the process. It often is a smoother interview process from that point on.

Want us to redefine modern job search?

The goal of “seamlessly connecting modern professionals with jobs they deserve” is simple to visualize, yet complex to solve.

As we continue to make it easier, is there a problem you think we should be solving? Let us know in comments!