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How to Write Marriage Leave Application for Office

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Divyanshu Jangid

Jun 1, 2022

It is customary for employees to request for leave days to attend important life events such as weddings. If you are an employee planning to get married, you may be wondering how to write a marriage leave application for your office.

A leave application will be most effective if it is well-written and includes all the relevant information that your employer will need to know.

In the section below, we will discuss how you can write your marriage leave application for office.

Let’s get started.

What is a Marriage Leave Application?

A marriage leave application is a formal way of requesting time off from work for your wedding. This leave can be unpaid or paid, depending on the company’s policy and the employee’s request. It is best to submit a marriage leave application as soon as you know the wedding date. 

This will give your employer time to approve the request. If you wait too long, your employer may be unable to accommodate your request.

Essential Points to Include in Marriage Leave Application for Office

When writing a marriage leave application for office, it is important to include certain important points to make your case and increase the chances of having your request approved. These essential points include:

  1. Subject Line

Include the words “leave application” or “vacation request” in the subject line so that your employer knows what the email is regarding.

  1. Length of Leave

Clearly state how many days or weeks you are requesting off from work. If you have a specific date range, mention this as well.

  1. Reason for Request

Explain why you need to take time off from work for the marriage. For example, you may need to attend pre-wedding functions, help with wedding preparations, or take care of post-wedding responsibilities.

  1. Requested Start and End Date

Include the date when you would like your leave to start and when you plan to return to work.

  1. Supporting Documents

If you have any supporting documents, such as a copy of the marriage invitation or wedding itinerary, be sure to attach them to your email.

  1. Include your Signature

You will need to sign the application form to make it official. The sign also implies that you are attesting to the truthfulness of the information you have provided.

Format of the Marriage Leave Application

For a professional letter to be given, the format of the marriage leave application should be proper. Here is a suggested format for such an application:


The Recipient’s Name

Their Job Role



The Body


Yours Sincerely
Your Name
Your Job position
Contact Details

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Sample A

30th June 2022


Mrs. Aanchal Somani

H.R Head

Subject- Requesting leave for my marriage

Dear Ma’am,

My name is Bhumika Bihani and I have been working in your company as a Research Analyst for the last two years. I’m happy to inform you that I will get married on July 6, 2022. I need to take a month out of work starting on July 2, 2022, since this is a crucial moment in my life. The wedding ceremony will take place on July 6, 2022, in Worly’s Park at 1 a.m., as indicated on the party invitation included in this letter. Additionally, I extend a welcome to all fellow members.

I want to take this moment off to make the required preparations for the wedding and honeymoon trip. On August 2, 2022, I shall resume my responsibilities. I will update you on the ongoing projects before I leave. 

Please contact me by phone at the number provided. It really would be lovely to meet you there at the wedding.

Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,
Bhumika Bihani
Research Analyst

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Sample B

30th May 2022


Mrs. Riya Shukla

General Head

Subject-Requesting for Marriage Leave

Respected Sir,

I’m writing to let you know that I am getting married on June 5, 2022 and would like to take two weeks off from work starting from June 1, 2022.

I want to invite each one of my coworkers. I’m sending this email along with an invitation to my wedding. Additionally, I’ve asked Mary from the design team to take care of any urgent work that may arise while I’m away. I have informed her on her crucial responsibilities and given her the necessary paperwork.

I would be glad to see you at the wedding, and it would mean a lot to me if you could attend. I will make sure to provide updates on the progress of my work before leaving. I’m hoping for a nice response.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your Sincerely,
Neha Singh

Mistakes you should avoid when writing a Marriage Application Letter

When applying for leave for your marriage, there are a few things you should avoid doing in your application letter. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  1. Don’t forget to mention the date of your marriage

This is one of the essential pieces of information to include in your application letter. Make sure you mention your marriage date so your employer can plan accordingly.

  1. Don’t forget to mention how long you will be away

Another vital information to include in your application letter is how long you will be away on leave. This will help your employer plan for your absence and ensure there is coverage for your work while you are away.

  1. Don’t request too much time off

It is essential to be realistic when requesting time off for your marriage. Remember that you still have a job and that too much time off can strain your coworkers and employer. Try to keep your request for leave to a minimum and make sure you have a good reason for requesting the time off.

  1. Don’t forget to mention your contact information

When you are away on leave, your employer must know how to reach you. Make sure you include your contact information in your application letter so that your employer can get in touch with you if needed.

  1. Don’t forget to say thank you

Always remember to say thank you at the end of your application letter. This shows appreciation for your employer’s understanding and sets the tone for a positive leave experience.

  1. Make sure you sign and date the letter before sending it off

The most common mistake people make when writing a leave of absence letter for their wedding is forgetting to sign and date it. This may seem like a small detail, but it’s pretty essential. By signing and dating the letter, you’re indicating that you’re the one who wrote it and that you’re serious about taking time off.

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