Meet Sweta Agarwal: A Yoga teacher turned Cutshorter

Published • By Neeraj Pal

What makes her journey a success story, every single day?

A Yoga instructor who loves crunching numbers and data – That’s Sweta Agarwal for you! And this passion was what led our User Success Manager to study acturial science during her BBA.

Forever eager to “learn something new everyday and grow fast”, Sweta seized every opportunity that came her way, and gained expertise on how to manage customers well and prioritize their requirements, by applying the insights she gained via data analysis.

That Sweta started as a ‘fresher and the youngest member at Cutshort’ is not out of the ordinary. What’s extraordinary is the story of her phenomenal growth in the company in the past two-and-a-half years.

What made this Siliguri girl switch planes and travel a long way to come join Cutshort in December 2019? “The reason why I joined Cutshort and why I am still part of the team is because of the people I am surrounded by”, insists Sweta who is wowed by the mindset of the people at Cutshort and the kind of things she gets to learn from them.

So, what does Sweta do at Cutshort?

“As our team interacts with our users on a daily basis, we provide valuable feedback to the technical and product teams on what can make the user experience on the product platform better. Our insights help them build and roll out certain features on priority”, shares Sweta.

From joining as a fresher to becoming an indispensable team member…

Now, that’s really huge in terms of growth! How does she feel about it?

“I joined two years ago and now I am one of the senior-most members. So yes, two is just a number as I’ve literally seen the team grow”, she grins with glee.

“After you join this team, you become less dependent on the job title or role, or look for a change or promotion. You’ll slowly realize how other team members start depending on you and understand that you’re an indispensable member of this team now, which to me, is growth – professionally and personally”, she says.

Of Growth Opportunities

And it seems like there’s no limit to growth opportunities at Cutshort. “It totally depends on how much impact I can make in the team”, adds Sweta.

Generally speaking, growth can be defined in terms of monetary benefits or a promotion in terms of role/designation/position. But as Cutshort is still a lean team, there’s no concept of promotion yet.

“But, as and when you are making an impact, you’ll start gaining the respect of the team members. It may be an intangible metric to measure growth, but it surely is professional growth. And in terms of monetary growth, it’s huge at Cutshort. I don’t need to worry about it as that part is completely taken care of here”, she says with confidence.

So, what is it that sets Cutshort apart?

Sweta says “Not one day do I feel ‘Okay, now my work has become monotonous’. If you ever feel that way, you can just talk to one of your team mates… rest assured they’ll find you an exciting problem to solve, afresh! So yes, work here doesn’t ever get monotonous – at least not for me”.

Also, the experience that you gain, work-wise and career-wise, will completely depend on your own initiative, says Sweta. If you’re driven, will take care of the initiative, and create an impact in whatever you’re doing – you’ll see the growth in yourself, adds the youngster.

What makes Sweta’s time at Cutshort exciting?

It’s the variability of stuff… how “differently” you get to do different things. Anything can happen here. “We will suddenly plan and organize things in an impromptu way. A big event was recently planned and organized within a week and we pulled it off quite well”, says Sweta, who finds the team dynamics and the energy levels “very interesting” – something she loves the most about being here.

How does she still stay motivated at work at Cutshort?

It’s not just one thing – it’s multiple things actually.


Honesty with the team, and inclusiveness across the board are really a big deal at Cutshort. Everyone’s feedback is taken seriously because every perspective is very different and unique in its own way. Nobody here says ‘This is how we did it the last time so Aise hi karna hai“.


In terms of people who are driven and motivate others as well; the work we do; the opportunity to learn something new whenever a new problem comes up.

Accelarated growth

From where I started to where I am today, in just two years, the growth has been phenomenal and fast-tracked. And the best part: the team pushes you to give your best and excel in whatever you do so that you can be ready for your next big challenge.


The problem that is being solved and the approach we take to achieve our ambitious mission is very exciting. We have a very disruptive way of solving problems at Cutshort and we do it in the most non-monotonous way.

“At the Customer success team, we believe that we should first try and fix the issues at core, so that our work gets eliminated. If it can’t be fixed, then we try to automate it. From Retool to Data Studio to Slack, there are so many ways you can do this. And finally, if it can’t be automated, we use our creative human mind for that job and get it to a point where it can either be eliminated or automated. The cycle goes on. And we keep learning. And that’s what makes working at Cutshort, absolutely worth it”