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5 Best Job Search Apps

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Divyanshu Jangid

Aug 1, 2022

Hunting for a job is one of the most stressful things to do. Whether you are a complete fresher or someone with years of experience, starting the journey to find a profile that is the right cultural, monetary, and location fit is tedious, challenging, and competitive. 

From unresponsive networks to unresponsive recruiters, everything seems to be working against the job seekers. However, there is no need to worry because technology is on their side. There are several apps for job search in the market that can transform the job seeker’s journey into an easy and productive experience. 

Best Job Search Apps in India

App NameReview CountNo. of DownloadsRatingAvailable OnRelease Date
Cutshort2.27K100K+4.3iOS, AndroidNov 11,2017
Naukri1.46M10M+4.5iOS, AndroidJan 19, 2012
ZipRecruiter1K+3iOS, AndroidMay 29, 2021
Monster41.8K5M+4.5iOS, AndroidAug 7, 2007
Indeed3.18M10M+4.4iOS, Android

Cutshort App

  • Rating: 4.3*
  • No. of Downloads: 100K+
  • Available on: iOS, Android 
  • Released Date: Nov 11, 2017

Cutshort is known to be one the best tech-hiring platforms today. It is not just a job board but a platform that offers a network of like-minded individuals invested in collaborative progress. 

Cutshort is AI-powered and matches you with jobs that fit your profile and preferences. It also helps you get referrals to job openings that are not promoted publicly and are exclusive. 

Price for job seekers: Cutshort does not charge the candidates. 

Price for recruiters: Cutshort provides both a free and a premium version for recruiters. It has divided the service features into four thoughtfully designed bundles to meet the needs of different-sized organizational demands. Their prices range from Rs. 4170 per month to Rs. 12 lakhs, depending on the services you choose!


  • Rating: 4.5*
  • No. of Downloads: 1 Cr+
  • Available on: iOS, Android 
  • Released Date: Jan 19, 2012

Naukri is one of the most popular job search apps in India. Some of India’s biggest businesses advertise on it. The presence of big players on the app makes it so attractive to job seekers. The app is free to download for everyone both on Google Pay and Apple Store. Every day, several job listings are added to the app. 

Pricing for job seekers: While Naukri is mostly free for all job seekers, it also offers three add-on packages that offer extra value to an individual’s job search. These packages are a job search value packs, profile highlighter and featured pack and range from around 8500 to 13,500 rupees. 

Pricing for recruiters: Naukri offers 4 different types of packages, and these plans vary depending on how many days an employer requires their services. Presently, it provides packages for 3, 7, and 15 days (which include 2 classified vacancy job postings and 3 hot vacancy job postings). In addition to these options, employers can also get a free hot job vacancy advertising, which usually costs 1650 Rupees.


  • Rating: 3*
  • No. of Downloads: 1K+
  • Available on: iOS, Android 
  • Release Date: May 29, 2021

ZipRecruiter is an amazing app that personnalises the job search experience for every individual. The platform assigns users an AI recruiter that sends them jobs based on their skills, experience and preferences. ZipRecruiter also helps job seekers apply for most jobs with a single click. With this platform, you don’t have to fill out lengthy forms and write long cover letters. 

Pricing for job seekers: Ziprecruiter is completely free for job seekers. 

Pricing for recruiters: The platform offers three pricing plans namely Standard, Premium and Pro, with features adding up at each level. Their plans are also customisable based on the number of postings you want to do and resumes you want. They also offer a free trial of their services in case you want to be sure enough before opting for the platform. 


  • Rating: 4.5*
  • No. of Downloads: 5M+
  • Available on: iOS, Android 
  • Released Date: Aug 7, 2007

The Monster India app is well-liked and one of the country’s first job-platform apps. With millions of positions offered by firms, the job search app is easy to use. 

Pricing for job recruiters: Monster India offers free job searches. However, it has some additional plans for job seekers that come with benefits. These plans range from around 1000 rupees to 8000 rupees based on type of features and experience level. The additional features offered are featured profile, profile highlighter, resume writing, LinkedIn makeover, mock interviews, etc. 

Pricing for recruiters: Monster India offers a full range of packages for recruiters, starting at Rs. 891 and going as high as Rs. 49999 for premium packages.


  • Rating: 4.4*
  • No. of Downloads:100M+
  • Available on: iOS, Android 
  • Released Date: Not available

With thousands of job seekers registered on it, the US-based job portal Indeed has gained enormous popularity throughout the world and established itself as one of the top hiring apps. Indeed is in over 60 countries and is available in over 28 languages. In a single search, Indeed provides free access to millions of jobs from tens of thousands of company websites and job boards.

Pricing for job applicants: Indeed is free for job seekers. 

Pricing for employers: Indeed gives you access to a big talent pool while allowing you to post jobs for free. The cost of Sponsored Jobs and Hiring Campaigns in the paid editions depends on the budget you enter into the system.

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