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LogiNext Solutions
51-250 employees
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<p>LogiNext is amongst the fastest growing tech company, providing solutions to simplify and automate the ecosphere of logistics and supply chain management. Our aim is to organize the daunting process of logistics and supply chain planning, with an array of SaaS driven by the most robust enterprise solutions globally.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Our clientele is spread across the globe and we empower them to&nbsp;optimize&nbsp;their supply chain operations by unique data capturing, advanced analytics and&nbsp;visualization. From inception, LogiNext has been an industry leader and recipient of awards like NetApp's Innovative Tech Company of the year, Entrepreneur's Logistics&nbsp;Firm of the Year, Aegis's innovation in Big Data, CIO Choice Award for best supply chain&nbsp;logistics cloud solutions, etc. <br /> &nbsp;<br /> Backed by influential industry leaders like PayTM and Indian Angel Network&nbsp;and with partners like&nbsp;IBM, Microsoft, Google, AWS and Samsung, LogiNext has achieved exponential success in a very short span of time and is set to&nbsp;exceed 300% growth&nbsp;by the end of 2016. The true growth hackers, who paved way for this success are the people working exceptionally hard and adding value to our organisation. Our brand ambassadors - that's how we address our people, bring unique values, discipline and&nbsp;problem-solving&nbsp;skills to nurture the innovative and entrepreneurial work culture at LogiNext. Passion, versatility, expertise and a hunger for success is the Mantra chanted by every&nbsp;Logi-Nexter!</p>
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