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Fullstack Developer

Founded 2017
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NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
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0 - 2 years
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3 - 6 lacs/annum

As our ideal team member, you: - Love to learn. And you pick up new languages/concepts hyper-fast - Have a strong grasp of CS fundamentals and design patterns - Thrive in a fast-paced & challenging work environment - Want to take ownership through ESOPs (stock options/shares) Work will revolve around: Conceptualizing and defining web and product design, build interactive web app and services, deploying the app while learning and choosing the tech stack AWESOME THINGS ABOUT THIS POSITION: - As an engineer on a small team you get to wear many hats. In addition to application development, we could use help with everything ranging from devops to machine-learning to analytics. - As a core member of a tiny company, you get to brainstorm with the core team, the customers and our investors Our mission is to accelerate solar rooftop in the world and it feels great to give power to millions!

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Siddharth Gangal picture
Siddharth Gangal
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Siddharth Gangal
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Siddharth Gangal
Co-Founder at The Solar Labs
Ankush Jindal
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