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Jobs at ServiceNow

Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer

Founded 2013
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5 - 9 years
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Passion for software development and problem-solving 7+ years of experience in designing and implementing scalable reusable components. Expertise in java is a huge plus. Self-starter, with quick learning curve Strong written and verbal communication Solid understanding of agile software development lifecycle Experience with databases and writing complex SQL queries is a huge plus Master's degree in Computer Science or related discipline. Expertise with source control systems and tools such as git and maven Experience in developing large scale customer facing software solutions

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Pavan Alamanda picture
Pavan Alamanda
Job posted by
Pavan Alamanda picture
Pavan Alamanda
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Pavan Alamanda
Hiring at ServiceNow
Pavani Reddy
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{{"<p>&nbsp;</p> <div id=\"comp-jlne3ph716\" class=\"txtNew\" data-packed=\"true\"> <p class=\"font_7\"><span class=\"color_11\">Think of industries still untouched by startup driven innovation. If you can foresee that changing over the next few years, wouldn&rsquo;t that be a great startup to join today? The global logistics industry is one of the few trillion-dollar markets that has mostly been untapped by startups for various reasons. Hyper competitive environments, high degree of regulation and large, complex operations &ndash; have delayed disruption in the industry. But a lot is changing. Increasing adoption of technology and emerging digital platforms are improving the way businesses buy, sell &amp; deliver logistics services. </span></p> <p class=\"font_7\">&nbsp;</p> <p class=\"font_7\"><span class=\"color_11\">The industry is at the helm of a large-scale transformation and we, at Terminal2, aim to contribute significantly to this change.Terminal 2 is an online B2B marketplace for the logistics industry. The platform provides tools &amp; methodologies for users to maximize profitability and find quick solutions to their logistics requirements.</span></p> <p class=\"font_7\"><span class=\"color_11\"><span class=\"wixGuard\">​</span></span></p> <p class=\"font_7\"><span class=\"color_11\">We&rsquo;re a group of young (and some not so young!)&nbsp;talented entrepreneurs and engineers who believe that the right understanding and a focus on the simplicity &amp; ease of technology can lead logistics companies of all sizes towards greater success.</span></p> <p class=\"font_7\"><span class=\"color_11\">&nbsp;</span></p> <p class=\"font_7\"><span class=\"color_11\">The founders of Terminal 2 come with a collective experience of 40+ years with a solid track record of corporate as well as entrepreneurial experience in the international freight forwarding &amp; logistics industry. We got together back in 2016 and have since developed, refined &amp; tested the idea and created a prototype that is now ready to be taken to the market.</span></p> <p class=\"font_7\"><span class=\"color_11\">&nbsp;</span></p> <p class=\"font_7\"><span class=\"color_11\">​Headquartered in Bangalore, India, we are a geographically distributed team. Our team of founders and consultants work&nbsp;out of Bangalore, Chennai &amp; Melbourne. If you're looking to make a move, come join us as we go after a trillion-dollar market for an exciting &amp; rewarding career&hellip;</span></p> </div> <div id=\"comp-jlne3ph9\" class=\"style-jwszmezi\" data-align=\"center\" data-disabled=\"false\" data-margin=\"25\" data-should-use-flex=\"true\" data-width=\"190\" data-height=\"60\" data-state=\"desktop shouldUseFlex center\">&nbsp;</div>" | htmlToPlaintext}}
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