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Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Founded 2018
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5 - 10 years
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10 - 24 lacs/annum

Senior Software Engineer : You will be an integral part of our team, helping create dynamic Ruby on Rails web and mobile applications. Responsibilities : - Programming in Ruby with Ruby on Rails for the application and writing corresponding test code (RSpec/Cucumber/Spinach) - Ability to handle some ops responsibilities - Work directly with client teams adhering to Agile development techniques - Other duties based on the needs of our growing company Qualifications : - Minimum 5 years of professional experience in a software development role - Extensive knowledge of Ruby and Ruby on Rails or similar technologies - Good communication skills and problem-solving skills - Passionate about good, clean code - Comfortable with git and is not afraid of leaving the IDE - Familiar with microservices based architecture - Familiar with Continuous Integrations frameworks like Jenkins - Familiar with Linux and related service technologies - Open source contributions will definitely be an advantage - Excited about creating high-performance enterprise scale web applications - Ability to work independently and deliver results while working as part of an Agile team

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Venkatesh J picture
Venkatesh J
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Venkatesh J
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Venkatesh J
Cofounder - Lumera Software Solutions

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