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Honest Food Company Careers
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Jobs at Honest Food Company

Full Stack Developer (m/f/d)
Full Stack Developer (m/f/d)

Founded 2017
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3 - 8 years
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Best in industry5 - 15 lacs/annum

Honest Food Company is Europe’s leading chain of “Ghost Restaurants”. We aim to innovate & disrupt the online food delivery industry by running a rapidly growing network of delivery-only restaurants that prepare healthy, made-for-delivery food in major European markets. Honest Food Company based in Berlin, Germany with it’s development studio being located in Goa, India. Our development team in Goa is seeking to add a highly skilled Full Stack Developer with experience in Node (Koa/Express), React, GraphQL and PHP (Symfony) to its ranks. This position will be trusted with solving challenges across all our IT projects, namely our ecommerce shop and our other web and mobile applications as well as supporting microservices. If you want to join us in revolutionizing the food delivery market worldwide by building the greatest techsolution in the industry, please send your application and CV.

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Milosha Faria picture
Milosha Faria
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Milosha Faria
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People hiring at Honest Food Company

Milosha Faria
Hiring at Honest Food Company
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