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About Hira Group

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People hiring at Hira Group

Shubham Khare
Hiring at TEXET India Pvt Ltd

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{{"<p>Suventure is a next generation technology organization that helps clients use information technology as a business enabler. Suventure strives to be at the forefront of innovation in information technology and outsourcing leveraging IT to provide maximum returns.</p> <p>At Suventure, we would like to be long term partners in our customers&rsquo; business journey,&nbsp; the journey where destinations keep evolving. As a business partner, Suventure ensures that incremental IT steps in the journey are rewarding and fulfilling.&nbsp; Suventure will remain a trusted knowledgeable friend, partner, and advisor throughout customers&rsquo; business&nbsp; journey.</p> <p>Suventure is lead by a group of highly experienced technology and business professionals with global experience in IT and related industries.&nbsp; As experienced IT and business professionals, we &ldquo;Think as an Enterprise, work as a Startup.&rdquo;</p> <p>Suventure teams have provided services to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from startups to Fortune 1000 companies. Suventure covers a wide gamut of IT offerings and solutions including IT strategy, IT visioning &amp; roadmap, applications portfolio assessments and reengineering, applications development, maintenance, support, IT Infrastructure, product engineering, system integration, quality assurance, independent verification and validation.</p> <p>Suventure builds enduring partnerships with industry leading organizations to provide our customers with industry leading solutions, products, and&nbsp; implementations.</p> <h4 class=\"title\">&nbsp;</h4> <h4 class=\"title\">Spirit of Suventure</h4> <header> <h4>The phrase above defines the spirit of Suventure.</h4> </header> <div> <p>We believe in that whatever we do for our customers, ourselves, and our organizations should have lasting value.</p> <p>Every Suventure mind takes the following pledge:</p> <p>-- Maintain integrity, trust, and ethical business practices at all times</p> <p>-- Add enduring lasting value</p> <p>-- Respect people and promises</p> <p>-- Keep raising the bar</p> <p>-- Make customers and colleagues successful</p> </div>" | htmlToPlaintext}}
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