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51-250 employeesN/A


Raised fundingN/A

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scala developer

Founded 2006
51-250 employees
Raised funding
Test Driven Development TDD)
Continuous Integration Tool
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2 - 7 years
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5 - 17 lacs/annum

Crest (Part of the Springer Nature group):-Headquartered in Pune, Crest is a Springer Nature company that delivers cutting edge IT and ITeS solutions to some of the biggest scientific content and database brands in the world. Our global teams work closely with our counterparts and clients in Europe, USA and New Zealand, leveraging the latest technology, marketing intelligence and subject matter expertise. With handpicked SME’s in a range of sciences and technology teams working on the latest ECM, Scala, SAP and MS Tech platforms, Crest not only develops quality STM content, but continuously enhances the channels though which they are delivered to the world. Crest is an ISO 9001 certified, driven by over 1000 professionals in Technology, Research& Analysis and Marketing & BPM. Specialties: 1. Technology 2. Research 3. Marketing Intelligence 4. Business Process Management

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Job poster profile picture - Kunal Kishore
Kunal Kishore
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Job poster profile picture - Kunal Kishore
Kunal Kishore
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Kunal Kishore
Talent Acquisition Specialist at Crest

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