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George Nychis
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Software Engineer

Founded 2010
Products and services
6-50 employees
Raised funding
Data Structures
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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0 - 3 years

Catamaran Ventures is incubating an early-stage company that has made tremendous progress in developing next-generating systems technology. Founded by graduates of MIT, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon, Soroco harnesses advanced techniques in computer science spanning across areas of computer science such as distributed systems, security, machine learning, and natural language processing. ----------------------------------- THE ROLE ----------------------------------- An engineer in this role is expected to design, build, deploy, and manage systems from scratch. We have no such roles as a "tester" or "debugger" … everyone is expected to build systems from the ground up. This means that you will need to understand various layers across the stack, or that you will learn a tremendous amount across the stack. You will work directly with PhD graduates from top computer science universities and people who join this company at such an early stage are expected to lead teams in the same way in the future. Since the company is in stealth mode, we will share more details with candidates after they make it through our early rounds of interviews. --------------------------------- WHO SHOULD APPLY --------------------------------- We value a strong education, extreme attention to detail, and a discipline work habit. You should have: * A degree at any level in computer science or a related field (B.S. / M.S. / Ph.D.) * The ability to quickly learn new areas. * Excitement in building large systems. * Bonus: knowledge in machine learning and natural language processing.

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George Nychis
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George Nychis
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