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Jobs at Callify.ai

Core PHP Developer

Founded 2016
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0 - 6 years
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Shikha Sinha picture
Shikha Sinha
Job posted by
Shikha Sinha picture
Shikha Sinha
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Shikha Sinha
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{{"<p>ValidateMe Online automates the <strong>background verification</strong> and makes it <strong>easy, secure, cost-efficient, and quick</strong>. Currently a job applicant has to submit their educational and employment history, and these documents are then verified by the organizations. Verifications are done not only for employment but also for admissions to schools &amp; colleges, while taking new accommodation, when opening a bank account or taking a loan, on checking into a hotel or applying for a visa. Rather than doing these <strong>process repeatedly</strong>, ValidateMe Online stores all the personal documents of the individuals <strong>securely using blockchain</strong>, and the documents are verified by the issuing organizations. This needs to be done only <strong>once in the lifetime</strong> of the individuals. The documents can be shared in one-click with organizations for quick verification. Organizations can also bulk upload the data of their past employees and students and do away with the need to answer to verification requests.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Mukesh Sharma</strong>, a successful entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of Affidabile Solutions. He also founded <strong>QA InfoTech</strong> in 2003, with a vision to provide unbiased Quality Assurance (QA) testing solutions and has grown the organization to four Centers of Excellence globally. There are <strong>2000+ people in QA Infotech currently and it is a highly profitable company</strong>. Mukesh's backing and guidance is moving the ValidateMe Online platform at lightening speed. <strong>QA Infotech also provides the necessary infrastructure to easily stand-up Affidabile Solutions</strong>. The vision for the ValidateMe Online platform is to make it a one-stop solution for all types of background verification, all around the globe. Mukesh's aim is to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit of the team working on ValidateMe Online.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>We have a very fair compensation policy for our employees that includes both <strong>competitive salaries</strong> and <strong>Employee Stock Option Plans</strong>.</p>" | htmlToPlaintext}}
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