Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Companies Hiring in 2018

Almost every company today is trying/wants to scale up their AI & ML capabilities to innovate and make their offerings user friendly. Be it in recruitment, e-commerce, finance, customer success or education. AI is creating a deep impact in all industries and our daily lives. The demand for AI & ML professionals is huge today as compared to few years back & it is expected to rise even further. As companies bet big time on AI, the paychecks are also expected to get more thicker than what they are now.

Good growth options, paychecks, diversified industries & chance to work on products of future makes it a very lucrative option for every techie. But it’s not always easy to track & discover job opportunities in top companies working on world class AI products. Here in this article we have tried to curate a list of top companies hiring and working on AI & ML based products.

Maybe the route to your coveted job lies in this article itself; take a look at the top AI & ML companies & startups hiring:

Top AI & ML companies & startups hiring in 2018

Quantiphi Inc.

Quantiphi is a Machine Learning and Data Science software and services company of high repute. Ever since it was established, the company has always helped its clients capture and integrate hidden value via data.

If you are adept in Python, MongoDB, Django, Object Oriented Programming (OOPs), BuildChain, OOPS, Flask and related technologies, then Quantiphi has the right jobs and career prospects for you.

Get in touch with the hiring team to leverage your skills in business acumen, machine learning, big-data, and intuitive information design.

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Used by 4000+ companies, from smaller startups to big companies such as Google & Amazon, CutShort focuses on removing noise. It offers higher relevance, better privacy and faster responses. It does so by intelligently using matchmaking algorithms, gamification techniques and Artificial Intelligence (it offers a professional assistant that suggests next actions and helps in scheduling meetings etc.).

If you are smart and want to build something as big as LinkedIn, we might have a position for you. But before applying, be sure to read this blog post to see if you’d be a fit.

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Ever since its inception in 2012, Busigence Technologies has evolved as a premium Decision Intelligence company in India. It combines technology, business, data, and behaviour to create bench-marked decision intelligence products.

Are you adept in TensorFlow, Research & Development, Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Machine Learning (ML), or Data Science? If yes, you may have just the right skills to be picked up by Busigence.

Gift your career the surge it needs by opting for the right foundation of Data Science, Design Thinking concepts, and Artificial Intelligence – Busigence Technologies will steer you forward.

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Backed by a strong workforce of dedicated AI professionals, Couture develops patent-pending AI innovations that offer effective vertical-specific solutions.

Companies like Reliance Jio & multiple European retailers have already licensed their product to empower real-time tailored experiences for their 200 million + end users.

Make a thriving career for yourself in the fields of Data Structures, Algorithms, Scala, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, Spark, Big Data, Hadoop, or Artificial Intelligence.

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CreditWatch is an intelligent & automated data curation platform that allows faster and smarter business growth for its clients. Crediwatch is basically an online data bank which uses advanced computational techniques to give you real-time insights on a customer, competitor or vendor.

CreditWatch is looking for professionals skilled in Data Science, R Programming, Python, TensorFlow, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Deep Learning, Analytics, etc. Apply now to get to the next level of success.

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AlgonoX Technologies

AlgonoX offers a completely managed workforce skilled in robotic process automation, AI, cognitive technology, and other automation types.The company welcomes skilled aspirants to excel in the spheres of Cognitive Algorithms, Back office transformation, Outsourced Managed Services, etc.

Empower your knowledge base of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), Python, and Deep Learning even further. There are plenty of exciting opportunities for data science engineers aspiring for a rocking career at AlgonoX.

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ShieldSquare offers the latest technology and bot detection tools for saving website content from bots. It is noted for developing real-time bot management solutions for mobiles, web apps, and APIs.

Pursue an exciting work life at ShieldSquare by working on tough security challenges involving expertise in several domains. Learn how to block web scrapers and bad bots from affecting client applications.

Use your experience in PHP, Python, Ruby, C/C++, Java/Go, C programming, HTTP, HTTPS, statistics or machine learning to grab your place at ShieldSquare.

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