How to get more responses to your job applications

Published • By Nikunj Verma

I know you hate it. You find interesting jobs and send messages to the job posters. But you get reply from very few of them. What is wrong?
Here are top reasons why you might not be getting responses and how to fix that.

Your first impression is lacking

Use casual display picture, bad grammar or a casual approach – and you’re sure to be out. Don’t be too formal too, especially when replying to startups.
Second, many people just choose to write a bland description about their current roles. Add personality and emotions in your message. What drives you – any domain, technology or value system. Beyond skills and hard facts, companies like candidates they can make a mental sketch for.

Your message is not personalized

We know you reply to many jobs. But shooting off generic messages to everyone is not the right approach. Every company prefers candidates who have done their homework and are applying for their jobs only after some research.
So go ahead, read about the company’s products, social channels and their blog. In your initial message, mention something that stands out. Believe me – your response rates will double, just based on this tip.

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Your social profiles are empty or casual

Beyond your CV, hiring teams will definitely want to know more about your thoughts and passions. Like it or not – they will look up not only your LinkedIn and Twitter, but also Facebook and Instagram.
For techies, updating LinkedIn profile with all your previous roles is important. Designers need to have their behance or dribbble or at least blog portfolio updated.
For sales and marketing folks, having an active Twitter account is a must.

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Applying for a dream job?

If yes, then you need to go beyond the above tips. Before message employers, do a really comprehensive research on the company. Read this post for some inspiration!

By Nikunj Verma

Cofounder & CEO @Cutshort.

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