Are you really free?

Published • By Nikunj Verma

Yesterday India celebrated its 71st anniversary of independence. This momentous occasion had Nikunj, our CEO, thinking over the idea of “freedom”, as applied to our professionals lives. Below, we are producing an email he shared with all the wonderful CutShort users yesterday.
If you like it, please share it with the people you care about. Might help them become truly “free” in their careers too.
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Email from Nikunj to all CutShort users

Hello CutShort users,

I didn’t plan to write this email today. After all, occasions such as Independence day attract a lot of emails from all kind of companies and I didn’t want CutShort to add to your woes.

As the day progressed though, my mind was filled with some thoughts that I really wanted to share with you.

I wasn’t really free for first 25 years of my life

I remember how I was a bright student all my life but somehow performed below potential exactly when it mattered the most (I missed JEE narrowly first and later screwed up my interviews multiple times at multiple IIMs). I blamed luck for such things, but later realized the real reason – I was subconsciously letting other people mess with my mind. These people would tell me that the competition was tough and chances of success were really slim.

It took me several years to stop listening to these people and listen instead to my inner voice. It first led me to join startups (in 2004, long before they were popular), made me transition later from tech to marketing roles and then finally to doing something as audacious as starting my own startup.

Let me be clear – it wasn’t like I knew I’d always succeed. It was just a realization that I had nothing to lose – I’d either win or learn something new.

We all need to be free in our professional lives. Now, more than ever.

There are enough signs that the professional world today is changing extremely fast. No jobs are safe anymore, higher experience is not neccessarily desirable and skills are getting obsolete at a fast clip.

To survive and thrive, we all need to continuously improve and learn. And to do that, we need to be really free. Free about our career choices, about the people we work, about our health and work-life balance.

If you realized this and are working towards this freedom, I couldn’t be happier and wish you all the best. If you are not, don’t worry – it’s never too late to start. If there is something I could help with, feel free to ask.

Happy Independence Day!


Cofounder, CutShort

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By Nikunj Verma

Cofounder & CEO @Cutshort.

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