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Published • By Nikunj Verma

May 2016. Our coworking office in Pune. Whiteboards filled with sketch art. Notebooks and sticky notes with different word combinations. We were under an external deadline – we had to switch to a new brand name soon.

After many variations and word wizardry, we ended up with a nice name – Cutshort, that communicated our goal – to dramatically simplify an existing cumbersome process for modern professionals. It was purposefully open-ended to provide for our future product line extensions.

And it resonated really well with our users:

I have tried everything and am now done. You guys will cut it short, right?

was a common sentiment our users shared with our team members.

Cut to 2021

Last 6 years have been an unbelievable journey. We have grown from a $0 revenue company with 4 members to a $1M ARR company with 23 high impact team members.

Coming to our brand identify, while the name and domain ( have been great, we haven’t been quite happy with the visual design of our brand. The logo, the colors, the font, were selected without much thought and didn’t quite convey our focus clearly.

Meet our new brand identity and a new focus on tech recruiting

Over the last weekend, we quietly started switching to a new refreshed brand identity. A new logo, new brand colors, new font, the works.

Switching visual identity is a massive project, so updates in our email design, mobile app, etc are still being made. We are still a lean startup that believes in shipping things fast, you see. 🙂

New brand identity reflects our new focus – to revolutionise how tech talent finds right teams.

It’s kind of weird. So many companies need tech talent and so many people want to get into it, yet the problem of right people finding the right companies remains such an unsolved problem.

Most companies are going after a small talent pool, thus creating bubbles and depriving other folks of opportunities they deserve.

With more than 18000+ recruiters and 1.5 M professionals signed up, we have been solving soving this already but now we aim to deepen our focus to solve this problem 10x better.

How we plan to solve this? Check out this deck that explains our approach to the companies hiring tech talent:

This is still day 1

Like Jeff Bezos says, this is still day one for us. We have identified a big problem and with our narrower focus, we will come up with right solutions.

Game on!

If you have any feedback on our brand identify refresh or new focus, please email us at talkto at cutshort dot io.

By Nikunj Verma

Cofounder & CEO @Cutshort.

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