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Waqas Hamid asked a question

What should be used to collect money on websites without any hassles?

This is regarding a payment system I wish to incorporate somewhere.

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3 answers
Nikunj Verma Building CutShort brick by brick
We use RazorPay. 

  • Good UX
  • Pay using wallet
  • Okay pricing
  • Slow support
  • No support for payment using corp internet banking accounts
  • Slow development of new features (for e.g. recurring payments have been under works for 1 year)
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Nitish Bangera Passionate Programmer
For India customers, you have a lot of options. RazorPay, PayTm, BillDesk, Udio etc. For Foreign customers, WePay, PayPal, TransferWise are some options.
Waqas Hamid Talk about startups? Ping me. :)
Thanks! I think I'll be using JustPay. Have heard their service is good.
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