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Nikunj Verma asked a question

What are you using to collect online payment internationally?

We use RazoryPay but it has some issues (no support for recurring billing, no support for corporate debit cards, etc.). Their support can be a tad slow at times too.


We want ONE solution that works both domestically and internationally. Stripe looks great but seems it is yet not available to companies incorporated in India.

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3 answers
Siddharth Sharma Full stack product guy

Razorpay recently added recurring payments no? https://razorpay.com/blog/product/2016/11/22/introducing-recurring-payments-in-india.html

Nikunj Verma Building CutShort brick by brick
It's been 1 year since they announced beta program. After following up multiple times, I'm almost sure they are not going to release this feature. We need some healthy competition in this space, badly.
Neha Soni Product Marketer
True. But they are still not giving access to everyone.
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Sreeja Gopinath Detail-Oriented Worker
While some nationalities feel confident using their credit or debit card to purchase goods online, in other countries local bank transfer might be perceived as the safest and most convenient option (ie. Netherlands, Poland). It is therefore our aim to provide you with the full spectrum of available payment types, regardless of geographical location of your target market.
Our knowledge of local legislation across the globe and commitment to understand, simplify and take full advantage of all available payment types, means that you don't have to.
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