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Subrahmanya Somayaji M asked a question

what are some affordable cloud service / server hosting available in India for building apps for BOP solutions ?

Hi Folks,

The main obstacle I'm facing is I can't recommend Firebase like service with cutting edge REST API/ MBaaS for

Bottom of the pyramid Business or any product I want to build for semi-urban untouched software market areas.

Any Cloud hosting anything I googled have minimum 25$ per month for basic plan! 25$ per month itself costly for building BOP solutions!! Great to know that Artoo.in like startups build the apps with cloud technologies with a very good business model ! (Currect me any thing I'm wrong! wannaprenuer's thoughts ;)  )

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1 answer
Priyank Agrawal Hustler @ CutShort

I have personally not used it but Hostinger has a good name and affordable pricing.

Although i dont know the specifics of your project but i would not recommend using low tech for a BOP solution. Because the lower you go of the pyramid the width/scale increases. As well the BOP people are more likely to refer/demo to other people which means you might have to scale it up pretty fast. And a cheap service is less likely to be robust/scalable.

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