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Jobs at YourMasterpieces

Backend Developer

Founded 2016
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2 - 5 years
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Best in industry8 - 14 lacs/annum

We are looking for backend developers to architect, develop and maintain complete backend of our web & mobile based products at Codoc Technologies. Your primary focus will be the development of all server-side logic, definition and maintenance of the central database, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. The role will contribute in the following ways: * Write the backend of the app from scratch.* Increase performance & user experience of backend systems, while adding new capabilities.* Add new layers to the backend using rules & learning-based algorithms. * Strengthen and scale our analytics & reporting engines. Job Responsibilities: - Backend software development - Optimise design & code for performance & scalability - Write reusable & maintainable code - Work closely with founders & rest of the tech team - Respond quickly to customer service issues - Hands-on with deployment & AWS - Be available for live issues and contribute to maintaining application uptime Candidate Technical Attributes: - 2+ years of technical experience, preferably with a startup.- Proficient in Python or any modern backend stack - Experience with Django or Flask- Comfort level with few technologies of a modern stack such as MongoDB, Redis, npm, AWS, etc - Strength in logical programming - Machine Learning algorithms experience is a plusCandidate General Attributes: - Passion for technology - Eager to learn - Hunger to make a difference - Ability to get things done

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Sharmeen Sahibole picture
Sharmeen Sahibole
Job posted by
Sharmeen Sahibole picture
Sharmeen Sahibole
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