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51-250 employeesN/A



About Wingify


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Executive Assistant to COO

Founded 2011
51-250 employees
Communication Skills
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NCR (Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida)
Experience icon
3 - 7 years
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4 - 10 lacs/annum

I’m Sparsh Gupta, COO @ Wingify, a software product company with offices in Delhi, Pune, and NYC. Wingify is fast growing and has recently hit $18 million annual revenue. I’m based out of Delhi, and I head VWO and PushCrew, the two flagship products from Wingify. I need an executive assistant to help me become more productive. This primarily means I need someone who could: Become a filter on who and what gets my attention Conduct online research on a topic and helping me understand what it is (by summarizing it) Advice on important details that I might be missing to notice (there are so many different contexts where I work that I am probably missing important stuff) Follow up with people who haven’t responded or who commit to certain timelines Help me plan and execute different strategies to run and grow the business efficiently. Give me a hand with managing the P&L Help me sort through my inbox and decide which ones are important for my attention (I get 50-100 emails per day, some important, some cold pitches), draft replies for me. Find time to set up meetings for me and manage my work calendar Help with personal research (where can I get XYZ?) and help me arrange for travel What’s in for you? You get a front seat of the business and startup world. Wingify’s vision is to become the most admired software company to come out of India and be among top 5 worldwide. You, while assisting me and helping me become more productive, become the major force in achieving the vision. If the prospect of growing along with the business head and the company to its billion-dollar journey excites you, the job’s perfect for you. What sort of person am I? Detail oriented. I appreciate thorough research and work Perfectionist. I demand best in class work for just about everything. Appreciate efficiency. I love automation and clear self-running processes Honest, transparent and hate people who lie Calm. I don’t lose temper or shout. A bit all over the place. Doesn’t mind doing unscheduled meetings or canceling/moving scheduled ones (but that’s why my calendar needs to be managed) Appreciates timely follow ups. Hate reminding people to follow up (on something they committed) Demand good communication. Crisp, clear and grammatically correct. Curious. Wants to know and learn about almost everything. What my sidekick (executive assistant) needs to be? You need to have at least 2 and at most 5 years of executive assistant (or equivalent) experience. You need to have following traits: You are a pro at getting things done You are calm, polite and professional You can work on Word, Excel, and Powerpoint with ease You enjoy interacting with people You like to ensure all emails get replies You don’t mind following up with people repeatedly You like to see daily, and weekly calendars sorted You take pride in drafting good emails You can spend hours on Google, understanding a new topic and summarizing it

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Job poster profile picture - Neha Choudhary
Neha Choudhary
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Neha Choudhary
Neha Choudhary
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Zoeb Ali Khan
Marketing Specialist at Wingify
Pratik Sagar Mishra
Deactivated User
Neha Choudhary
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