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Armugam X
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Srithar B
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Babu Srithar
Engineering Manager / Software Architect / Fullstack Developer
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Founded 2010
6-50 employees
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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3 - 7 years

Navya Network, Inc. was founded in 2010 in Cambridge, MA, USA. Its technology development and operations center is located in the heart of Bangalore city in India. The company is partnered with Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India to provide online expert opinions to cancer patient worldwide. This service is backed by Tata Trusts. Navya’s patented predictive analytics based expert system was validated by Tata Memorial Centre and UCLA-Olive View Medical System (in Los Angeles, USA). In clinical trials pertaining to breast cancer treatments, precision decisions from the Navya Expert System were 98% concordant with treatment decisions of multi-disciplinary tumor board oncologists at two of the world’s largest tertiary care cancer centers. Results of Navya’s clinical trials validating the Navya Expert System have been published at globally reputable cancer conferences such as American Society of Clinical Oncology and San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference. The Navya Expert System is used to provide online evidence-based expert opinions to cancer patients in over 42 countries. Since 2014, Navya has successfully used the Navya Expert System as an online service to empower thousands of cancer patients. Experts from Tata Memorial Centre and the National Cancer Grid (initiative to standardize cancer care over 60 cancer centers), use the Navya Expert System to provide online expert opinions to patients worldwide. Now, the Navya Expert System is in demand by oncologists for medical decision making at the point of care. Navya is looking to grow its team of Bangalore-based software architects and developers to release the Navya Expert System as a product used by oncologists in clinic. Navya uses its patented computational models and machine learning, to predict expert-grade treatment decisions in oncology. Navya’s founders are graduates of Harvard University, Stanford School of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, and MIT Sloan School of Management. They have years of clinical and high-tech experience, and have successfully lead Navya to be the only choice for oncologists and cancer patients for online evidence-based expert treatment decision making. Navya’s reputation as a validated precision decision system for oncologists, and commitment toward service recognized by cancer patient worldwide, enables Navya to improve global outcomes in cancer.

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Armugam X
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Armugam X
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