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Shivansh Tyagi
Hiring at Navigus
Shivansh Tyagi
CEO&CTO at EdificationHub
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Fullstack Engineer

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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2 - 5 years

Job description Navigus is looking for a Full Stack Engineer with 2-5 years of experience; one who has what it takes to own and power highly dynamic and robust technology products; one who is prepared to roll up his sleeves on any given day and takes pride in building systems end-to-end. We care not for marks or ranks, so in your application, just include links to your best work, and proof of ability to learn quickly and turn it into sytmes that solve real world problems. Roles & Responsibilities: Plan, define, and implement entire models, interfaces and workflows. Define architecture keeping in mind deployment of code and libraries and ease of scalability & extensibility. Understand user requirements, use cases and translate them into tangible deliberables. Participate in all phases of development, from design to implementation, unit testing, and release Work in a highly collaborative environment using open source platforms and tools and third party service and APIs like GA, Facebook, PayPal, You will be using data from in-house & third party services and APIs such as GA, Facebook, PayPal, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Write clean, maintainable code while rapidly iterating and shipping Skills Required: Experience in building web/client-server systems using Python, Django/Flask, Nginx, MySql/MongoDb/Redis/Neo4J over ubuntu/debian/dockers stacks Adept in using and deploying to AWS cloud platform Be fluent in HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, Responsive Design, JS build systems,(SCSS, Yeoman, Grunt, Karma), jQuery. Have experience in developing mobile optimized, cross browser compatible UIs (Responsive Design/Progressive web apps) Good understanding of client-sever architectures, asynchronous request handling and partial page updates. Experience in building REST APIs and web-services. Strong analytical skills and inclination towards decisiveness vis-a-vis time bound deliverables Product oriented thinking – you code to solve problems of millions and not just features taiolered for individuals, you should be able to decide the features and stratergies that best fit the majority usage patterns. Ability to script in python, bash, browser automation scripts like iMacros, selenium will be plus Excitement to work in a fast paced startup and a drive to solve problems in the field of edducation will earn you a lot of brownie points. Job Perks: Work with the team that is building the next generation AI and machine learning system, helping them to a solve a fundamental problem never attempted before. The impact of work will bring about a tectonic shift in how to predict a sustainable academic and professional career path. Experiment, strategize, implement psychological hacks and hooks straight out of game theory. You will have the opportunity and autonomy to deploy absolutely novel methodologies. A fast-paced, mentally stimulating and fast growth oriented environment. No bureaucracy, respect for logical and analytical minds with thoughts and ideas 90th percentile compensation as per industry standard. Opportunity to own a piece of the company in the form of stock options. Excellent performance bonuses tied directly to growth metrics of data network and data influx. For extraordinary performance here is no limit to how much performance bonuses you can accrue. Fill up on your favorite munchies, select your poison of choice from sencha green to double shot espresso

Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Shivansh Tyagi
Shivansh Tyagi
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Shivansh Tyagi
Shivansh Tyagi
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