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Little Soldiers Solutions Private Limited Careers
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Jobs at Little Soldiers Solutions Private Limited

Sales Executive
Sales Executive

Founded 2017
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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0 - 2 years
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Best in industry2 - 5 lacs/annum

Role: Little Sales Soldier Location: Bangalore Job Description: Our ‘Soldiers’ will be the first touch point from LSSPL with Creches and Pre-Schools and are expected to- 1. Identify potential customers and pitch to them our Digital Products 2. Articulate the benefits of joining Little Soldiers platform and clarify any queries/concerns 3. Understand Schools’ needs, requirements and share insights from the customers with the Product Development team to enhance the product 4. Connect the School to the ‘Sales Commander’ once they are ready to onboard Eligibility Criteria: 1. We are looking for go-getters, with high drive and ownership who will be able to bring new customers (Creches and Pre-Schools) on board 2. Effective communication and ability to explain the benefits to customers in a simple way 3. Ability to speak in multiple languages is a plus 4. Girls preferred due to industry acceptance 5. Candidates who are familiar with Bangalore localities and have personal commute options will be preferred 6. Education qualification no bar What is on offer: Probation: 4 months (1-month training and 3 months on-field sales experience) followed by a Full-time offer for deserving candidates. Stipend during Probation is INR 12000 per month. Compensation Package: In the range of 2.00 to 5.00 Lakhs per Annum (Based on the performance during the Probation period). • Performance based incentives (more customers you get higher will be the rewards) • A clear career progression laid out at the outset • Opportunity to closely work with alums of top notch institutions (IIM-A, ISB, IIT-KGP) • Mentorship for people who aspire to go for higher studies (yes, we encourage our people to go out and explore) • Get exposure to one of the most innovative business model and an about to explode industry Drop in your profiles to this inbox: hello@thelittlesoldiers.com About Us: Little Soldiers (LSSPL) is founded by Alumni of IIT-Kharagpur, IIM-Ahmedabad and ISB with a varied industry experience. We have come together to bring a digital transformation in Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) industry in India. We at Little Soldiers, are building a range of Products that cater to Digital Administration of Creches & Pre-Schools, provide for a Seamless Communication between Teachers and Parents and help these School Owners grow their business.

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Sucharitha Reddy picture
Sucharitha Reddy
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Sucharitha Reddy picture
Sucharitha Reddy
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People hiring at Little Soldiers Solutions Private Limited

Sucharitha Reddy
Hiring at Little Soldiers Solutions Private Limited
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