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Visual Content Developer (Motion Graphics Artist)

Founded 2010
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0 - 4 years
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4.5 - 9 lacs/annum

Can learning Android be as fun as watching a 3-D movie in a theatre and as effective as to prepare you for an internship or job at Google itself? Can we design the learner experience in a way that it is as amazing for someone in the remote most rural area of India as it is for someone in the heart of Bangalore city? Why should one have to necessarily spend 4 years in a college acquiring an education that leads to mediocre careers when you can achieve far better than that in lot less time and lot less cost? These are the questions we are asking ourselves at Internshala Trainings. If these questions excite you, we have a role for you. What will you do? 1. You will responsible for building engaging and effective video-based training content for our online learning platform. In specific, you would work on the following: 2. Collaborate with our Subject Matter Experts and Online Teaching Experts to build videos for trainings on our platform. 3. Make use of different visual storytelling methods (motion graphics, screencast, live action, etc.) to simplify complex topics for better understanding. 4. Help our Subject Matter Experts and Online Teaching Experts in audio recording. 5. Create storyboards (rough and high fidelity) from scripts and deliver final videos in the given timelines. 6. Constantly upgrade yourself with the latest technology in the field of video making and audio engineering. Who are we looking for? 1. Someone with a passion for video making and storytelling. 2. Someone with strong knowledge and experience in necessary Audio/Video tools for online learning content creation (such as Powerpoint presentation, animation, Camtasia, etc.). Knowledge of Adobe After Effects is the must. 3. Someone who can work across teams and partners and help them to achieve the collective goal together. 4. Prior experience (1+ years) in a similar role will be a huge plus. Location - Gurgaon (Address) Compensation - INR 4 - 5.4 lacs per annum Start date - Immediately

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Shobha Saini
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Shobha Saini
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Shobha Saini
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