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What are your top tips for keeping AWS costs low?

I have been using AWS for side projects. One thing I have noticed is how quickly pricing can rise depending on your configuration.For a typical web application ( 2 web servers, 1 DB, load balancer, auto scaling etc), what would be your top suggestions to control costs?

top comment

In this scenario, I believe Lambda with API gateway will be very cost effective. Running a web server on EC2 is good and provide lots of configuration and performance tuning for developer, but this may be tedious when it comes to mutable infrastructure. Adopting lambda or any fully managed service for web application not only drastically reduces the costs to exact pay as the site is used, but it also improves the latency and reliability of site without managing any infrastructure.

answered by Jamshed Azhar

Are there any modern applications for which you will NOT suggest AWS?

We all love AWS. But are there any specific type of workloads or needs for which you'd recommend something else such as Google cloud, Azure, Rackspace, Softlayer or something else?

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As per my standing , anything which is related infra of It or telecommunication industry can be deployed on AWS.its nothing but cloud platform only..except the network towers (enode B) or routers or any physical entity which is used for building network.

answered by Sagar Khachane

I want to start my career in AWS any tips for me?

I am a B.E in Information Technology, I learned linux and networking and have hands on experience in AWS but do not have relevant experience.

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