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Which all technology stack a blockchain developer must know.

Ans : https://www.quora.com/Where-can-I-learn-to-build-an-application-using-blockchain-technology


Do I need to code for a career in blockchain?

Most of the Blockchain job descriptions I see online asks for experience in Python, R, GoLang etc. Don't know whether is it possible for non-coders to make a career in Blockchain when most of the companies are into development & experiment phase.

top comment

To be very frank, I don't think so. Coding is an integral part of Blockchain. As blockchain is decentralized a lot of effort is put into security, resource management, isolation & performance. And knowledge of coding certainly helps in understanding these aspects of Blockchain.I think an understanding of data structure is a must for learning any technology. I mean you can get the basic understanding or overview of the technology if you are a non-coder but this doesn't fulfil the requirement of the job everytime. Because I have seen many non-coders struggling with some or the other aspect of blockchain and ask for help from developers. There are some bridges which can only be filled if you know how to code. Hope it helps!

answered by Vishal Sanap

Are there very few opportunities available for Blockchain enthusiasts? Is that the reason why Cutshort has very few jobs related to Blockchain?

There are a very few jobs related to Blockchain both in Cutshort and in Linkedin. Why is that so even when Blockchain is said to be the next big thing?


How can I use my web development skills in blockchain?

I have 2 yrs of experience in web development. I have worked on Javascript, HTML/CSS & Angular.js. Are there any application areas in blockchain where I can apply my skills?

top comment

Hi Rohit,Blockchain technology is just breaking out right now and the applications developed till now use either smart contracts on ethereum like blockchains or launch their own blockchains using different cryptographic algorithms than existing cryptography.Since most of your experience is centered around UI/UX, your work will still won't involve blockchain directly. This is because blockchain is a immutable record keeping tech. This is mostly related to storing transactional data. But since smart contracts are the next big thing, you can learn how do smart contracts work on ethereum (or NEO later) blockchain and then use smart contract APIs to build applications/websites enabling any user to interact with those smart contracts. This is where blockchain industry offers great potential to grow into. Blockchain is complicated to use and understand but if you can use your existing UI/UX experience to make it simple to interact with, then you will have valuable experience.Hope I answered your query even a little.RegardsChandan Gupta

answered by Chandan Gupta
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