Inside the Cutshort Buzz Machine

Published • By Neeraj Pal

The marketers that make us tick

Marketing at Cutshort is not merely a business function. It’s the beating heart that gives life to everything we do. Be it getting thousands of companies and candidates to our platform or ensuring customer delight – the Cutshort buzz machine sets the highest standards for everything they touch.

While most marketing teams are known by the noise they create, the Cutshort Buzz machine is special in that it has always preferred to be on the side of signal rather than noise. While the team does a fabulous job of bringing traction, they excel at pulling together as a team to separate the wheat from the chaff – no flowery words, overselling or any faff.

Join us as we introduce to you the marketing team and discover what makes it click.

The four keys C’s of success –

Marketing is thought of as a purely creative function – almost to the point of being artistic. However, it’s not the artistic drive to perfection that makes this team click – it’s the incorrigible desire to innovate and do better continuously.

Take, for instance, our content that’s spread across specialized publications meant for recruiters, professionals, and to our clients. This variety of content is a handiwork of our eclectic team that aims to go beyond pushing our product – they aim to build a culture of resourcefulness and conveying only the most helpful ideas – irrespective of whether they help us sell something or not.

In this spirit, it seems quite apt to tell you about the four C’s that define the Cutshort marketing engine – creativity, curiosity, chaos, and candour.

Let’s take a look at these ideas one by one.


“Marketing for us is that team which always sets the bar up high. They focus on quality, not quantity. While many brands out there offer value through their products and their marketing teams just compliment this, at Cutshort, we’re specific about marketing, creating a landscape where our teams work with the users to make the magic happen”, says Nikunj, the CEO as well as the OG evangelist at Cutshort.

In an instance of sheer inspiration, the marketing team put together a flagship campaign called #TechTonic, where candidates were nudged to ask their most pressing questions to recruiters at large.

Not only did this campaign gather millions of impressions across social platforms, but it also helped firm our positioning as a company that cares about solving a real problem.

Fun fact: This was all done in a span of fewer than 12 hours from idea to execution. Talk about speed.

In other instances of creative thinking, the marketing team has pulled off highly-relevant and shareable content for our Instagram channel that seeks to improve the performance, productivity, and personal finance skills of professionals. You can check it out here.


While Nikunj plays the role of the ultimate enabler, there’s Vikash, who is the wind beneath the wings of the buzz machine at Cutshort. He’s the functional leader of the team. He grounds the team that shows us realistic approaches to marketing, targeting, metrics, and more.

With Vikash at the helm, the marketing team learns to think critically and creatively at the same time. He pushes the team to try new things and evaluate options strategically before committing to one single way of doing things.

This curiosity is what drove the team to experiment with bold ideas – such as putting our culture deck in public or creating campaigns that are born out of on-ground insights.

In fact, all our growth vehicles are born out of curiosity. It mostly starts with wondering why is “problem x” causing so much trouble and what can we do to solve that problem?

Our campaign – Tech hiring in 2022 and beyond was born just from the curiosity of the problem, and the solution was derived by talking to our users – both recruiters and candidates – rather than us sermonizing from a pedestal.


Even if they move fast without breaking things, the marketing team at Cutshort is plenty chaotic. From Neeraj, who is the ultimate jack of all trades, to Shahan, who’s the creative freak and one who’s mostly responsible for our most whacky ideas.

While Neeraj ensures everything works smoothly across teams, systems, and processes, Shahan is the one who experiments and doesn’t mind breaking things a little to ensure we are relatable, creative and one with our audience.

Then there’s Divyanshu, aka the SEO scientist. He’s the one who handles everything from optimization to improvement. With him, our content reaches the right folks, and we don’t waste time shooting in the dark.

Last but certainly not least, there’s Anuradha, aka the content queen. A recent addition to the engine, she’s quickly becoming the center of it. She ensures that our tone of voice, brand identity, and everything in between is expressive, coherent, and most importantly, in line with our values.


Being honest is so important at Cutshort, it’s become a part of our DNA. Check out this blog post to know more about it.

One of the examples of this is when we shared a LinkedIn post on behalf of a customer, and it had certain grammatical errors. Naturally, the client didn’t take well to this, and a senior member who called Cutshort was in anger. “Fire the person who wrote this post”, were his precise words.

Instead of crumbling under pressure, the team came into its own under the leadership of Nikunj. He personally wrote an email to the customer apologizing for the slip-up explaining how it happened, and remedial measures were taken. Instead of further deepening the resentment, the customer responded positively and complimented the team for their honest admission.

He even came down to meet Nikunj in person and thank him for his efforts.

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By Neeraj Pal

Marketing @Cutshort