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Abhilash P Kalarikkal asked a question

Which is the best idea to prioritize the features?

When we have more features to build parallelly, we need some metrics to prioritize it.  

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3 answers
Mayur Patanvadiya Mobile Developer

Hi Abhilash,


There are different methods for doing this, I will sum up my knowledge and will try to exlain as much as I can with very few words. I will try to list out few points that will definitely help you decide what you are looking for : 

> Use Ranking System, Rank all the features based on the requirement and user demand

> Make Graph With Axis Impact & Effort, Point out all features and you will have super clear list of things which you might considering doing first, what to do next, what should be done later or not to work on it at all.

> Considering 2nd point in mind, Think of Feature / Module Dependency over other Features. For Example, If a feature X is having huge impact but with requirement of more Efforts & it will be dependent on Feature Y, You have to consider time & efforts for making Feature Y as well.

> List out features according to what problems do they solve and which one is having the highest degree of requirement.

> Try to think from the perspective to Build something on A Layer, on which, Later on you can build multiple Layers / Features. And Follow the same, start with the bottom (Main Problem Solution of your product), then work on Next Layer (Additional Features, Features that will add value, User demands etc) and eveything else falls in other layers.


Hope this helps :)


Mayur Patanvadiya Mobile Developer
Sure, You can watch this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LiH-_IuYFc
Nikunj Verma Driving CutShort
Interesting, Mayur. I think a picture/deck/video on this process would be more easy to understand.
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Vijay Dwivedi Product Manager @US Startup
I found this to be a good read on this topic.

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