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Amol Mujumdar asked a question

What would a small startup look for in a "consulting" Product Manager.

Many startups drive for a little too long on passion of the founders and take longer involve Product Management into decision making. Even when the decide to, they may not have the budget to hire a good full time Product Manager. In this situation how feasible is the option of a "consulting" Product Manager and what would a startup look for in him before involving him.

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2 answers
Vijay Dwivedi Product Manager @US Startup

Well questions can vary from product to product, and it can vary based on the state of the startup at the time they approach a product Manager for consulting. 
I think they would be interested in knowing answers to following questions & more:
1. How can you simplify the existing product flow or add value in the product for the existing customers
2. How can you help in customer retention - detailed plan

3. How you are going to help us scale the product - detailed plan

4. How can we approach the next thing we are planning to build - market fit, gap analysis, customer segmentation, strategy
5. How can we increase market penetration/share...

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Nikunj Verma Driving CutShort
It's generally not very much feasible for small startups to hire PMs on a consulting basis. Reasons:
  1. Small startups don't need PMs at initial stage. Founders generally drive the roadmap well since they are close to the problem/solution landscape.
  2. When they hire, they would like the PM to be in house. PM is just too strategic and high involvement role to be left to a consultant. As for the budget, they can try to get the PM on a equity basis.
To answer the second part of your question, a small startup will look for someone who understands products and data analysis, knows how to do continuos MVPs and has great logical reasoning. Technical or domain background is a great positive too.
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