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Nikunj Verma asked a question

If you were a Product Manager at Myntra, how would you have handled the proposal to go app-only?

We all know that Myntra's app-only idea didn't work


But at that time, it must have been a difficult decision. If you had been in that position, how would you have handled the proposal objectively? How would you have managed the stakeholders and what experiments you would have run, with what possible outcomes?

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5 answers
Amol Mujumdar a Product Guy

I dont know who decided for going app-only. But here is my take on it.

App only was a bold step knowing that in fashion it's important to offer the best possible view of the goods so the bigger screen, the better would be the "obvious" thing. On the other hand Myntra would definitely have noticed the rate of app adotpion was higher than that of growth on website. So these are 2 "kind of" opposing inputs to the strategy decision.

What should the Product Manager have done, was to device some well synchronized experiments get a better insight into this. The experiments could include showing messages on site as "coupon XYZ for 5% extra discount if you buy via app" and vice versa. These kind of experiments would have revealed the possibly similar results without the shock of going app-only and then back to dual mode.

If the call was of the PM, equiped with the above data, he'd have taken a much better call.
If it was not of him, the above experiment would have helped him put across his point backed with hard data.

Amol Mujumdar a Product Guy
Totally agree. I dont think they wanted to discontinue the site as they blieved it has no value. I think they wanted to make the App the medium of choice and they'd have done at least a cost-benefit analysis to decide on that. But they definitely underestimated people like me, who prefer bigger screen to decide about fashion products but may actually buy on app just beacause it's cheper on app. And yes, i confess i actualy used to do that. :-)
Nikunj Verma Driving CutShort
Amol: Got it. But even if 100% of people shift to mobile in this experiment, you can't conclude that website didn't serve a purpose. After all, it's the website that drove that conversion. No?
Amol Mujumdar a Product Guy
Hi Nikunj. That idea will check if the people are successfully pushed to app from the website. And how much "extra" benefit would result in a good conversion.
Nikunj Verma Driving CutShort
Hi Amol, Liked the idea of doing experiments. However, didn't understand your example of showing coupon code on the website. What would it have achieved?
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Gaurav Bhadauria Techpreneur

Personally my business sense says app only is good for services which have high repeat sales from an individual. Any app installed on a phone looses its relevance if it is not utilized at least once in 15 days , services like taxi or mobile wallet, assistance for child/elderly, or grocery buying make more sense app only.

Buying other products like electronics or fasion is not a single point decision for many they check different options and has longer process of buying decision.

Although mobile has a great advantage of personalization, features like bookmarking a dress for later purchase is very important which is not very frequently used through browser.

And as stated by others here, everything should be data driven and by that i mean not just the final report on various ratios between desktop and mobile mediums.

High conversion value of mobile is also dependent on many factors and we should keep track of funnel for that.

In case of myntra , at that time various ratios between mobile and desktop showed a clear shift towards mobile and advantages like personalization , direct traffic and 'perceived' customer loyalty made management to take app only decision.

Now coming to the real question as product guy what should I have done with such proposal , I could have recommended for more test scenarios. And phase wise implementation of app only strategy. So that rollback in case of failure would be much easier.

But saying things here on what would I have done is like commenting while sitting in front of TV, what players on field could have done.

And many a times we tech guys are asked by board "Can we do this ? " and " how much time will it take? " rather than "should we do this ?".

Nikunj Verma Driving CutShort
What "test scenarios" you're referring to, exactly? Good point about "repeat usage". Wonder what will be future of apps like Lenskart. :)
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