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Nipun Soni asked a question

What will be your advice to a young team building a web application for scale?

We are building a modern web application for scale (around 10,000 concurrent users). What will be your advice to our young team that is bright, but doesn't have experience doing this in the past.

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1 answer
Nitish Bangera Passionate Java Programmer
The first point is for the manager and he needs to gradually up the scale with regressive testing rather than putting a final value directly i.e. 10000. Whenever a web application is built, some or the other bottlenecks are left out and it depends on the scenario too.

Here in your scenario, what kind of operations these 10000 users are doing is really important. If it's just the server level scaling then a simple Nginx to Backend Application Server(m: n) where Nginx will serve static files as well as reroute to the backend server and all user sessions should be outside the server i.e. making it non-sticky. Now if all these requests go to the DB then its a bottleneck and hence you need to cluster it accordingly and even in the database if it's a DML then you need to have db level locks as multiple users can come from different instances. Nonetheless, all these needs to be stress tested using Apache Jmeter.

These are few pointers that I keep in mind. You need to mention what scenarios are you targeting specifically so that the answers are more finegrained.
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