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Neha Sinha asked a question

What search technology you'd recommend for a moderately complex content website?

Algolia? Cloud Search? Elastic Search? Lucene?

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2 answers
Nitish Bangera Passionate Java Programmer
The first question that I have is what is the content that you are searching. I can very well design a trie based custom searching using Neo4j or my own inbuilt Tree where Nodes point to the content and the tree traversal will give me a search key. ElasticSearch is a good option too but the data needs to be synced to it. A custom solution will keep the data and meta distributed but that is the decision that you need to take.
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Abhilash Jain Product Marketing Manager
Each of these search algorithms are great for a specific purpose. 
Algolia uses Elastic search for their logs, also Elastic search has superior analytics features. 
For a complex content site , the search needs to be user friendly, the best solution for this would be Algolia, as the
search brings up relevant resuls as the user is typing . Also it has a great error match filter where. it still shows you relevant details even if you end up mistyping the search query.
P.S. This is my personal opinion
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