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Abhilash Jain asked a question

Augmented Reality has existed in the past, what has changed to get it into the limelight all of a sudden? Is this going to be the next big platform?

This medium has been getting popular in the last couple of years, but is this the next big thing.

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1 answer
Nikhil Bhupale Software Developer
Augmented Reality has been around for quite sometime. It has recently picked up steam because of the wide adoption also because it is inexpensive.
Snapchat, Niantic Labs were early adopters who used this technology in their products.
Here is a quick view of how Augmented Reality works in general. 
Facebook just released AR Studio, where users can go ahead and create unique experiences. 
It is the next big thing, and everyone from Silicon Valley seems to have placed their bet on this.Possibilities are endless and it will be interesting to see how this can help us in our daily lives. 
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