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Khichadi Technologies Private Limited Careers
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1-5 employeesN/A

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Jobs at Khichadi Technologies Private Limited

Backend Developer
Backend Developer

Founded 2018
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0 - 4 years
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Best in industry3 - 8 lacs/annum

Bakbuck-A fast-growing vernacular content startup is expanding its development team and looking for dynamic individuals with the following requirements: Experience – 1 - 3 years Roles & Responsibilities: - Strong experience with MySQL database is Must. - Hands on experience with Custom PHP/ Laravel framework>5.5 - Should have worked with MySql/ Jquery/ Js / API - Should have good communication skills in English both written and verbal - Should have good logical and analytical skills - Should have good/positive attitude for work. Key Competencies: - Familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery - Experience with PHP HMVC frameworks - Laravel . - Experience of web deployment, maintenance, operation. - Solid experience in large-scale web development. - Solid understanding of OOPS concepts. Your application should include: Details about applications you have previously worked on A github or stack overflow profile if you have one. What we offer: • Competitive salary, work from home options, Startup Flexibility • Great working atmosphere in a coworking office

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Abhinay Jain picture
Abhinay Jain
Job posted by
Abhinay Jain picture
Abhinay Jain
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People hiring at Khichadi Technologies Private Limited

Abhinay Jain
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Shashank Kakrecha
Hiring at Khichadi Technologies Private Limited
Rohit Naidu
Hiring at Khichadi Technologies Private Limited
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