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Sandeep Ghatke
Head Talent Acquisition (Engineering) - India at Groupon
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Java Developers and Architects

Founded 2008
250+ employees
Hibernate (Java)
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Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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6 - 15 years

Job Description We're looking for great technology developers to work on back end systems focused on supply side of our business. We work in small, independent and agile teams, and collaborate with product designers to implement stuff quickly. We are looking for people that can have an immediate impact, so experienced front-end engineers are preferred, but anybody with experience working on user interfaces and a passion for detail are encouraged to apply. There are not a lot of boundaries here, so expect to make a big impact. The code we check in today is running in production by tomorrow. So we need people that will take pride in the quality of their code and take it personally when there's a bug that prevented one of our users from getting their job done. The kind of stuff you’ll be doing: Work on back end systems focused on merchant data acquisition Collaborate with product designers to make sure all user interactions are well-designed and implemented correctly Deploy new code without waiting Test features, Identify and fix performance issues Ensure the quality of your code. Possess expert knowledge in performance, scalability, enterprise system architecture, practices. Effectively research and technology against other competing systems in the industry. The candidate will be a technology visionary, builder and operator. You'll strive for simplicity, and demonstrate significant creativity and high judgment Required qualification: Bachelors degree in computer science or related technical field from a reputed institute 8+ years or more of experience developing with Java, Python Has worked at all levels of the technology stack Knows "The Good Parts" of JavaScript Can structure client-side code in a way that makes sense to people other than themselves Obsessive about quality Open source experience a plus TDD, continuous integration, scrum, pivotal tracker, github pull-requests

Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Sandeep Ghatke
Sandeep Ghatke
Job posted by
Job poster profile picture - Sandeep Ghatke
Sandeep Ghatke
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