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How Thoughtworks relies on Cutshort to hire high quality tech talent

Before Cutshort, Thoughtworks used multiple platforms to hire for their roles. They faced issues with lower quality and duplicate profiles. On Cutshort, the team of Thoughtworks recruiters saw significantly better quality profiles with relevant information available upfront, thus reducing their effort and cost of closures.

20+Roles closed
3xMore relevant profiles
1/3Time to close roles

An overview of Thoughtworks hiring strategy in India

Thoughtworks works with clients with a future minded focus to build better solutions and tech stacks. They hire across tech roles - right from principal developers, QAs, product managers, Business Analysts, to Project Managers. They deliver expertise across retail, infra, finance, healthcare, automotive, media, e-commerce and so on.

Recruitment process at Thoughtworks

As a first step, the team curates relevant profiles. This is followed by the recruiter screening which is then followed by a role specific assessment. The assessment can be hands-on, based on case studies or through interview discussions.

Once a candidate is proven to be technically proficient, they are led through the leadership interviews and a cultural fitment round.

How Thoughtworks used Cutshort to expand their tech team with reduced effort and cost

Following challenges were faced by the team in their recruitment process:

  1. Difficulty in sourcing high quality and relevant talent pool.
  2. Duplicate profiles in most hiring platforms.
  3. Screening the huge number of applications received.
  4. Engaging with candidates.

How Cutshort solved these challenges for Thoughtworks?

The Thoughtworks team has been using Cutshort for more than a year now to close multiple roles. The Cutshort offerings that helped solve their above problems are:

  • Genuine, quality profiles

The team often found it difficult to source profiles on other platforms due to unreliability of candidate information, and duplicate profiles. They find that the candidate pool on Cutshort is of better quality and often unavailable on other platforms. The team doesn't have to worry about fake or duplicate profiles either.

  • Role matcher showing relevant profiles, faster

The match-making on Cutshort helps them find sets of curated candidates matching their requirements for each role. This connects them with relevant candidates faster.

  • Screener

On other platforms, Thoughtworks recruiting noticed that although a lot of candidates apply for their roles on multiple platforms, many were irrelevant applications. Candidates apply without reading the job description properly. It is difficult and far more time consuming to look for the right applications from that huge pool. Here, Cutshort's Screening automation simplifies the initial screening process. They can find the relevant professionals easily based on candidates' answers to their set questions in MCQ, text or audio format.

  • Voila support and other automations

Automations have reduced the team's effort of individually sending messages to their candidates. Voila, the AI assistant, not only sends the set messages for them but also follows up reminding the candidates to respond. They also automatically export the candidates to their relevant jobs in their ATS system without any manual effort.

Impact of hiring through Cutshort

Thoughtworks has been using Cutshort since 2021 and it is now the mainstay for its tech hiring goals.

Cutshort is used by recruiting teams at 3 locations in India - Bengaluru, Pune and Delhi team. It integrates with Greenhouse ATS to make it easy for the team without needing any process or candidate experience changes.

The Cutshort impact

  1. Thoughtworks has sourced and closed multiple roles using Cutshort with reduced effort and cost.
  2. Approximately 20 offers have been rolled out in the last 4 months alone.
  3. The team sees Cutshort as a reliable hiring partner which has been enabling them to find great assets for their technical team.

Maria Nancy

Recruiting Program Manager
At ThoughtWorks, we started using Cutshort in 2021 and have found the platform to be extremely helpful to connect with great talent. We have made around 20 offers this year so far. What makes the platform stand out from the crowd is its ability to show relevant candidates who have been carefully curated based on the job requirements. We are truly appreciative of the quality of talent we have been able to connect with via Cutshort. The team is happy that it has helped reduce the TAT and added other cost benefits to the business.

Ramya S

Though there was a learning curve involved in understanding the platform, the candidate quality here has been quite good. We get a lot of candidates here that we don't find in other platforms.

Yogita Singh

Genuine and relevant profiles - it's a winner for me. There is a higher possibility to close the role if it has been sourced through Cutshort!

About Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks is a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering to drive digital innovation. We are 11,000+ people strong across 49 offices in 17 countries. Over the last 25+ years, we’ve delivered extraordinary impact together with our clients by helping them solve complex business problems with technology as the differentiator.

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Size: 10,000+
Location: Bangalore, Chennai, Gurugram, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune
Main features used: AI Source, AI Match
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